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Fighter has gained a reputation in New Zealand for being adaptable, economical and reliable across a wide range of applications, delivering on all fronts from safety and comfort to performance and efficiency. There are 50 Fighters in our line-up – all ready to get the job done.


In the News

Keith Andrews Trucks (KAT) Auckland is pleased to announce the appointment of Cory Dainton as Service Manager.
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John Fillmore Contracting (JFC) has established itself over more than 50 years as a leading infrastructure and civil construction specialist – supported by a fleet of 27 Fuso trucks, its newly minted Alliance traffic management division has recently taken delivery of four new 6x4 Fighter FN2428 units.
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From purchasing a second-hand truck on a hunch to running a successful fleet of 22 tippers, Rainbow Haulage managing director Colin Dunn has found his own pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!
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